Khmer Unicode

Story of Khmer Language on Development Platform

It was since a long story in 2011 by some questions on the net and it keeps seeking from a guy here at Osify.

It’s now so excited that I, myself, also using a complete solution for iText with Khmer that can be rendered in any font by specific technique and experience we have so far.

Let’s me remind, the posts that got so much attracting in the Internet about iText in Khmer:

We keep digging more solutions to help for our language exploring:

  • In 2008, there was a post in a blogspot about Crystal Report in Khmer (for version 2008), the article was moved to Osify, later.
  • In 2014 until iText version 5.5.1+, to v7+, two article links above were kept closely followup the topic, provide sample, tryout and even got discussion with owner of iText trademark, iText developer on the solution at stackoverflow, email etc.
  • In 2020, there was a solution for Khmer text on PDF for PHP/Laravel etc., it was related also to the post I made an answer on stackoverflow in 2012 and now we have a correct way solution in the post.
Discussion with Bruno Lowagie, iText Original Developer at Stackoverflow, 2014 – Thanks to the roadmap of 14Q4
Thanks to Amedee Van Gasse, a QA Tester Engineer from iText (as in Stackoverflow), for bringing all the lead info.

There will be more solutions to solve our Khmer text on development platform in this site. I do hope other developers willing to share their solution.

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