Windows 10: Change Language Case

On my Windows 10 Pro / Microsoft Surface 6 Pro, I did a setup wrong from the beginning to select UK as my language/keyboard and it’s likes nightmare as I cannot completely remove it, it did remove each time I tried around such as follow this post, or this post, etc. as it may randomly […]

Shut down PC but Fan still running [Windows 8, 10]

In somehow, I confused to update driver with some tools, after that my Windows could not shut down, and it seems to be in sleeping mode but I cannot wake it up in any case, I need to hold power button for awhile to force shutdown and click again to start each time. Since the […]

Important Troubleshooting Articles for Windows User

Important posts for Windows users related to some troubleshooting of your Windows OS such as: 100% disk usage, performance and other issues, find following articles: System file check (SFC)  Scan & repair System files here Basic troubleshooting Windows/hardware here You can read more about BSODS here You can learn how to test your memory here Asking an effective […]

Experience slow browsers, Google Chrome recently?

I’ve been a fan of Firefox and Google Chrome most of the time but day by day they become loading, responding so slow and sometimes crash without any reason, just loading the page or tab. Of course, people will ask to check plugins or extensions on Chrome and add-on on Firefox in general to check […]

Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series Wifi Issue [Windows 8]

Just received a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series with Windows 8.1 installed. It’s likely that most of the time, there is an issue with Wifi connectivity, it cannot well connected or connected but no Internet connection while other devices are fine. When we are going a bit far from the router, in my case, almost […]

Windows 8 – Useful Shortcuts for Daily Use

Let’s bookmark, most of useful shortcuts we need for our daily life with Windows 8/8.1, we’ll need most of them.   Shortcut Description Windows Key + D Show Desktop Windows Key + C Open Charms Menu Windows Key + F Charms Menu – Search Windows Key + H Charms Menu – Share Windows Key + […]

Windows 8 – Can’t move mouse to extended screen

You use extended screen on Windows 8 or 8.1 but you can’t move your mouse from one screen to another screen. It’s the same issue raised on SuperUser site but seem the solution unclear for me. Myself could solve it with changing the graphic option of Output (To) the extended desktop with Digital Display + […]

[Windows] Copy Long File Path Error, Internet Exporer

You copy from a location to another location and got error as describe as following message and picture: The file name(s) would be too long for the destination folder…. I got the error on my Windows 7, SP1. Of course, you can have the same issue on Windows 8. I use Windows Explorer to try […]

Free Solution – Encrypted Drive – BitLocker [Windows]

Drive encryption is very important for users, especially if you want to keep your data safe when your computer could access from many people, or in case you lost your computer but want to keep data out of those people to have it. Windows user could have it free from Windows 7, it called BitLocker, […]