[Windows] Copy Long File Path Error, Internet Exporer

You copy from a location to another location and got error as describe as following message and picture: The file name(s) would be too long for the destination folder…. I got the error on my Windows 7, SP1. Of course, you can have the same issue on Windows 8. I use Windows Explorer to try […]

Start Menu Search Box is Missing [Windows 7]

On Windows 7, in some case, when you click your Windows’ start menu, your search programs and file box is missing from there as this one: As we expected, the search box here as example: Here is the way to enable/disable the search box.   Solutions 1. Open Control Panels 2. Find Programs and Features […]

Link Two Folders for Data Synchronization in Windows

In some cases, you need two folders in your PC to be synchronized to each other, example synchronize data between folders in your dropbox to local PC in order to save your time in copy it back or some other cases. Here I would like to show a simple way to use in Windows 7 […]

Windows: MSVCR100.dll is missing from your computer

You might start a program and found a popup said something like: The Program can’t start becuase MSVCR100.dll is missing  from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. The issue because the program you are trying to start was built with Visual Studio 2010 and in your Windows missing the  Microsoft Visual […]

វាយ Font Limon អត់ចេញជើងលើ Windows 7 តើធ្វើដូចម្តេច?

ពេល Setup Windows 7 រួច ដំឡើង​កម្មវិធី Microsoft Office 2007 តែវាយ Font Limon អត់ចេញជើង ធ្វើយ៉ាងម៉េចទៅ?