In some cases, you need two folders in your PC to be synchronized to each other, example synchronize data between folders in your dropbox to local PC in order to save your time in copy it back or some other cases.

Here I would like to show a simple way to use in Windows 7 or 8 with command of mklink


Your original data is in drive D:/temp/share/toShare
You want to synchronize it to folder in drive C:/temp/myShared


The solution need to use Windows command from DOS Prompt.
Make sure that you have backup all of your data in drive C: to drive D: in order to synchronize back from drive D: as original source.

  • Start your DOS prompt as Administrator
  • Type following command <mklink /D “target” “source”>
mklink /D "C:\temp\myShared" "D:\temp\share\toShare"


You could see the successful message as:

symbolic link created for C:\temp\myShared <<===>> D:\temp\share\toShare

Now both folders are linked to each other, if drop a file to one folder, another one also has it and the same for delete or update.


How to delete the symbolic link

Simply by delete the target destination folder and not the source folder.
In my case, my destination folder that I linked is in drive C: so I just need to delete the folder: