Declare and compare a variable with Khmer unicode string in VBA, excel


Khmer unicode character string is different from other unicode character, we can’t write it on VBA editor of Excel or MS Access.

How to declare a variable and assign Khmer unicode string?



Of course refer to the answer in help us to answer to Khmer unicode issue in Excel VBA as well.

In VBA, to declare a Khmer unicode, you can’t write directly to it, so you need to translate each character into its hexadecimal code and use function: ChrW

I used tool: to translate Khmer unicode string to hexa and then I added to each hexadecimal to use in VBA by &H.

Example of writing: ល.រ into VBA variable:

Dim myStr As String
myStr = ChrW(&H179B) & "." & ChrW(&H179A)

So that the comparison can make the same as other string do.

Here is the complete sample code:

Attribute VB_Name = "Module1"
Sub TestUnicode()
Dim num As Integer
Dim str As String

num = Range("A1")
str = Range("B1")

' assign Khmer unicode string to a cell in excel
Range("D1").Value = str

Dim total As Integer
total = 14
Dim init As Integer
Dim myStr As String
' How you write: ល.រ in Khmer unicode
' conver character you want to compare and use function ChrW to convert each character
' you can use tool:
' use Hexadecimal code point and adding: &H in front of the unicode number
myStr = ChrW(&H179B) & "." & ChrW(&H179A)

'comparing Khmer unicode string between cell
For init = 1 To total
    If Range("B" & init).Value = Range("D" & init).Value Then
        Range("C" & init).Value = 1
        Range("C" & init).Value = 0
    End If
Next init

If Range("B17").Value = myStr Then
    MsgBox "Unicode characters match"
    MsgBox "Character not matchx"
End If
End Sub

This would apply the same to other VBA platform code: MS Word, MS Access etc.

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