Khmer unicode character string is different from other unicode character, we can’t write it on VBA editor of Excel or MS Access.

How to declare a variable and assign Khmer unicode string?



Of course refer to the answer in help us to answer to Khmer unicode issue in Excel VBA as well.

In VBA, to declare a Khmer unicode, you can’t write directly to it, so you need to translate each character into its hexadecimal code and use function: ChrW

I used tool: to translate Khmer unicode string to hexa and then I added to each hexadecimal to use in VBA by &H.

Example of writing: ល.រ into VBA variable:

Dim myStr As String
myStr = ChrW(&H179B) & "." & ChrW(&H179A)

So that the comparison can make the same as other string do.

Here is the complete sample code:

Attribute VB_Name = "Module1"
Sub TestUnicode()
Dim num As Integer
Dim str As String

num = Range("A1")
str = Range("B1")

' assign Khmer unicode string to a cell in excel
Range("D1").Value = str

Dim total As Integer
total = 14
Dim init As Integer
Dim myStr As String
' How you write: ល.រ in Khmer unicode
' conver character you want to compare and use function ChrW to convert each character
' you can use tool:
' use Hexadecimal code point and adding: &H in front of the unicode number
myStr = ChrW(&H179B) & "." & ChrW(&H179A)

'comparing Khmer unicode string between cell
For init = 1 To total
    If Range("B" & init).Value = Range("D" & init).Value Then
        Range("C" & init).Value = 1
        Range("C" & init).Value = 0
    End If
Next init

If Range("B17").Value = myStr Then
    MsgBox "Unicode characters match"
    MsgBox "Character not matchx"
End If
End Sub

This would apply the same to other VBA platform code: MS Word, MS Access etc.