វាយ Font Limon អត់ចេញជើងលើ Windows 7 តើធ្វើដូចម្តេច?

ពេល Setup Windows 7 រួច ដំឡើង​កម្មវិធី Microsoft Office 2007 តែវាយ Font Limon អត់ចេញជើង ធ្វើយ៉ាងម៉េចទៅ?

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Normally, we need to change Normal.domt; Here I found the detail solution from a blog, I extracted briefly as following:

  • Download normal.domt file to your computer (The normal file found from other webpage is not working, so I come up with self-creation and it work just find for you.)
  • After download normal file open your Explorer (Ctrl+E) and locate the file where you just downloaded and copy it (Ctrl+C)
  • In your Windows Explorer go to address below:

Windows Vista or 7: C:\Users\[username]\Application Data\Microsoft\Temples

  • Past the normal.domt that you previousely copied to Windows Exploer above and replace it. (If it ask for your confirmation, clicking on “Copy and Replace”)
  • Make sure to set your Language as Language .

Full detail instruction found in this blog

ខ្ញុំបាទចង់ដំឡើង Limon Font ក្នុង window8 តែមិនបានចេញដៃនិងជើងអោយទេ,តើអ្នកអាចជួយខ្ញុំបានទេ?


i would to ask you for your help about typing Khmer LIMON. I wanna put leg of letter ញ, but i cannot find it. please kindly help me for putting leg of letter ញ. thanks you!

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