Windows 10: Share Mobile Screen via Connect Feature

Sharing mobile screen such as via Android Phone, when your phone has a feature called such as “Wireless Projection”, to Windows 10 is very easy without third party app but via Windows Feature himself.

  1. Enable Features

First on Windows search, search: Projection Settings or open setting and find “Optional Features” to find and add it

In this screen, the feature is not yet available so I click on optional features
Search for “Wireless Display” and enable, wait for the installation complete
If you see this screen, meant you have feature enabled already

2. Start the Connect App of Windows

Make sure your wireless is enable on your PC and you will see the computer name as above highlight

3. Search computer name on your phone

Use “Wireless Projection” on your phone
You will see the computer name as this, click on it, then your screen on the PC

4. Enjoy the play from your phone

All sound also send to the PC, you can use it for App demo or even playing video on full screen

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