Easy Way to Migrate CSS Bootstrap 2.x to 3.x, Font Awesome v3 to v4

The old web app uses CSS Bootstrap 2 and the new CSS Bootstrap 3 have a lot of things different, we need to aware:

Get into the issue/concept:

My Working Tool

There is already an existing tool written in Python (b2tob3) but for me, it’s working only for HTML (extension .html) files and there are some more rules to add into the tool to work fully for Bootstrap 2 to 3.

And then zlotnika forked the original tool above and add more support on extension and I found that it looks a bit more better but still not match to my case which is on Java application written the template on JSP/Servlet (.java) file; and there is no Font Awesome converter inside the tool as well.

So I forked from zlotnika and modified to my need which is hosted in github. I still keep updating but at this stage, it’s working almost fine for me.

If you want to try, you can download the compile EXE for Windows or take the source from github.

Other Tools

Some available automatic tools, you can try:


One reply on “Easy Way to Migrate CSS Bootstrap 2.x to 3.x, Font Awesome v3 to v4”

I have problem with the replacement behavior of Python re.subn that when the string found to replace, it recreates the string object and replace the old one so that the change are the whole file.

I still need to find the way to replace that behavior.

Any idea?

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