Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series Wifi Issue [Windows 8]

Just received a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series with Windows 8.1 installed. It’s likely that most of the time, there is an issue with Wifi connectivity, it cannot well connected or connected but no Internet connection while other devices are fine.

When we are going a bit far from the router, in my case, almost 8-9 meters and in a closing room, the laptop can’t connect and usefully disconnect itself from Wifi.

After searching on the net, it’s the issue of the adapter, Intel (R) Dual Bank Wireless AC-3160 and seem no any feedback from Dell support forum beside many complains from the users.

Reading around, following twist seem work for me (I need more test):


  • Open the Device Manager (Win-R, devmgmt.msc)
  • Expand “Network Adapters“, double click on “Intel (R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160
  • Go to “Advance” tab
  • In the “Properties” list, select “HT mode“, you should see its value is set to “VHT Mode“, so set it to “Disabled” instead
  • Click “OK”, the network adapter will reset, you will lost connection and then it’ll reconnect as normal


Currently it’s working for me at home but of course, I need to see some more places where I used to have problem and will update this in comment.

If you have some experiences, please share below.

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I just did this to my machine and my wifi speed is significantly faster. Hopefully I don’t experience any other issues as a consequence of disabling the ht mode…but as of right now, so happy I did this. My internet speed was significantly slower just by going into a different room. Thanks for this!

I have been using my laptop with this solution until I did this to now, I have no identify any specific problem related to this yet. So I’m sure, you will not get any issue. But if you will, just drop me a message, we might find solution on that as well.

Another common problem is that the antenna cable is loose from the wireless card on the dell computers. Simple fix, just take the back cover off and re-attach the antenna cable. fixed my issue.

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