Two Articles Disable and Repos Deleted

Two articles that I though it would help many new/beginner developers that want to bind maven build tool and gruntjs or angularjs together easier have been disabled and the repos in github are also removed:


  • How to create maven bower grunt project
  • How to create maven bower grunt angularjs project



The articles were trying to use Yeoman Generator, including a very small modification on Gruntjs file and a part of pom.xml that shows how to execute the nodejs command (npm), grunt and bower by different OS.

In fact, I also noticed in my article that we can use the frontend plugin of eirslett so that the solutions still exists some where on the net.

I will find sometimes to adapt my old source code to use the frontend plugin instead.

We can find example pom.xml of the frontend plugin in its example that likely not so different from the solution in the articles before.

Whenever you still ask people for solution in StackOverflow or on other forums, the Internet is still a good place to share for all tech people and others.

Happy Sharing!!!

By osify

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