MS Word – Missing Proofing tools – Text in Khmer

You open a document that contain a language other than English such as text in Khmer you got a warning such as:

MISSING PROOFING TOOLS This document contains text in Khmer which isn’t being proofed. You may be able to get proofing tools for this language.


You might come up with following questions:

What is proofing tools?
Why you need it?
Does it matter without it?

I am using MS Office 2016, writing a document in Khmer and got this alert.

In fact, simply, you can just download the package in your language and install it then you will get some special feature for the language you are using.

Proofing tools?

Proofing Tools are features that help the user create and edit documents. Document Proofing Tools include the following:

  • Spelling checker
  • Grammar/Style checker
  • Thesaurus
  • Translation Dictionaries
  • AutoCorrect List
  • Hyphenator
  • Contextual Speller

That’s a lot of good feature for your language to have from Microsoft office, you can have it for different MS Office version you have but if you doesn’t want those features, you do not need to install it.

To get to understand of each feature, please go to check here.


For Office 2016, you can just go to this link (the recommended link by the warning), download, install it and follow the configuration as stated in the link.


As check only Office 2016 has Khmer language support

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