qTranslate stopped getting updates – the replacement or alternative [WordPress]

If you are using WordPress for multi-lingle content, for sure, you will know qTranslate or WPML plugin which allow you to manage your content in different language.

Among two of them, qTranslate is completely free and WPML is a paid plugin.

But since 26th January 2014, qTranslate has no update, it seems the author of the plugin discontinue, so what are you doing to do with your latest WordPress 4.0 now?

Of course, there is a fork version of qtranslate for you to install, let’s use mqTranslate:

What you need to do:

  • Disactivate your qTranslate first
  • Install mqTranslate
  • Active mqTranslate (use only this)
  • Re-configure your language setting

And later on, we might rely on mqTranslate for next new update of the WordPress.
So thing remains free.


  • 20/02: As of February 19th, 2015, this plugin (mqTranslate) has been deprecated in favor of qTranslate X.

That’s the power of opensource!

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