qTranslate – Khmer Language Settings [WP]

qTranslate, WordPress plugin just stopped getting update and mqTranslate is came to replace the original one but both settings are the same.

qTranslate New language

This one image page could explain you, how to configure our Khmer language to have a multilingual contents in your WordPress website in few minutes.

Here is the full list of configuration for you to copy/paste:

  • Language Code: km (e.g. http://yoursite.com/km/)
  • Flag: kh.png
  • Name: Khmer (you can write: ខ្មែរ  as well)
  • Locale: km_KH
  • Date Format: %A %B %e%q, %Y (default)
  • Time Format: %I:%M %p (default)
  • Not Available Message: Sorry, this entry is only available in %LANG:, : and %. (default)

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