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Execute NodeJS npm via maven pom.xml [Links]

It might be you are trying to search for “execute command npm.cmd windows via maven pom.xml”, likely you are from Java development environment that mostly love to do with maven.
Here, following 3 articles would help, I don’t pick one to showup but there are some options available:

1. Building Frontend as a Part of Maven Build Lifecycle

2. Setting up Maven to use Grunt/NodeJS

3. Using npm, bower, and grunt with Maven

Above 3 readings could help anyone who willings to achieve using everything with maven pom.xml eventhough you are developing the NodeJS app or other javascript framework app.
Per reading, article 2. is likely for me to recommend everyone to follow but it might be you have your own though.

I’d love to see if you guys share your though in comment of above 3 articles, which one or combine… you prefer as a good solution.

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