Xiaomi – MIUI 8 – Google Play Store: Authentication is required

Open your Google Play Store and got this annoy message:

Authentication is required. You need to sign into your google account or Error while retrieving information from servers.

It’s on my Xiaomi phone using MIUI 8 (latest), I frequently got this error, and of course searching the whole Internet just to find a right solution for this.

Many forum post told us to remove Google account, re-login or clear cache of some Google app and services and of course, I did it a lot of time when met that and it works…. such as this post.

BUT for me, it’s not a right solution, you always meet that again and again; and you end up doing that all over again…. so annoy and disturb.

Finally, I found this forum post that I believe it’s kind of the right solution:

Manage some google app and service to auto startup

That looks right then other solutions because MIUI has a very good performance management according to my Android experience so far, it is because it manages to start the right (some also wrong 🙂 ) services but sadly most of Google services are disable to auto-start so that you need to manage yourself.

Here is a snapshot of the forum that I tested and it works:

  1. First, please clear cache of your play store
  2. Then go to the security app > Permission > Autostart option and select following Google Apps:
    1. Google Account manager
    2. Google Play services
    3. Google Play store
    4. Google Services framework
  3. and after that just do a reboot

That’s all.

Let’s share what you have done and let’s know if it works for you.


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