Xiaomi – MIUI 8 – Google Play Store: Authentication is required

Open your Google Play Store and got this annoy message: Authentication is required. You need to sign into your google account or Error while retrieving information from servers. It’s on my Xiaomi phone using MIUI 8 (latest), I frequently got this error, and of course searching the whole Internet just to find a right solution […]

What you need to know to use Android Studio

As I am mostly doing my stuff with Eclipse even though the Android studio came, I still work with Eclipse project for Android but as time comes, we cannot ignore the Android studio anymore because: Official Android document is only support for Android Studio More and more library today does not include any support (no […]

ADT plugin doesn’t show up in Eclipse After Install

On Eclipse, after install the Android Development Tool, restart it but do not see the Android menu (Android SDK Manager, AVD Manager etc.). Faced this issue on Eclipse Mars but in fact, it could be any eclipse that may happen for this kind of issue. To solve it, you just need: Inside Eclipse Window-> Perspective […]

MIUI – Installed Google Service But No Google Contact

Who could help me? I have just switched to a custom ROM of MIUI for my Galaxy S2 and installed the Google service as shown below but I could not have Google contact which is very important. Please guide me some post or something if any, I’m stuck now. Update 19/12: Solutions Thanks to the […]

How to Embed Khmer Unicode to AppYet Mobile App

Appyet.com is a good template app for creating Android app based on your website contents but it faces difficulty to make Khmer Unicode readable after build on some phone. By default AppYet App using browser feature which is able to view Khmer only for rooted device that have placed well the Khmer font (as my […]

android.process.acore has stopped while browsing facebook app

On Galaxy S2 with facebook app version 3.1, while browsing the timeline, the app was stuck and a few minutes later, the popup message is about: [..] android.process.acore has stopped [..] I don’t remember the full message. What could be the solution?