Java Reporting

Jasper Report: Total Pages

To have total pages, you can do two options: On view using $V{PAGE_NUMER} flexible using evaluation time: current page with “Now”, total page with “Report” Create a variable for total page Name: TOTAL_PAGES (or any other) Variable class: Integer Calculation: highest Reset type: report Increment type: page Variable expression: ${PAGE_NUMBER} Then you can use on […]

Access DB VBA

VBA MS Access for 32-bits / 64-bits – PtrSafe declaration

The message is clear: The expression On Load you entered as the event property setting produced the following error: The code in this project​ must be updated for use on 64-bit system. Please review and update Declare statements and then mark them with the PtrSafe attribute. So the issue is linked to declare function or […]

Access DB VBA

VBA Converting Khmer Numeric to Ascii for TextBox Number

The error message: The value you entered isn’t valid for this field. For example, you may have entered text in a numeric field or a number that is larger than the FieldSize settings permits. MS Access 2010 Above error is simple for us as our characters are in Unicode and of course, if we check […]


VueJS – Implement Oganization Chart with Title

I use this Vue Wrapper: OrgChart JS At first, I could not figure out the chart to display: name + title. Finally I got the point! Here how I go… Install npm install vue-orgchart -S And setting up the style per its website. Implementation export default { components: { VoBasic }, data () { return […]


[Laravel+DBAL] Doctrine\DBAL\Driver\PDOStatement contains 3 abstract methods

I though before not to share every error I met during the development I did so far but it’s just facing more often with the same issue so let’s make it documents for others. I have a Laravel 5.5.* and use the package: Doctrine\DBAL which is on version v2.5.13, it was working fine, it might […]


Welcome to our contributor Sysome HO (Mr.)

As you may notice recently we have some new articles on this blog, mostly related to programming tips and of course, it will be on other topics soon. We have a new volunteer who is passionate on sharing knowledge, as I’m very happy to see his hard working on writing those articles. Let’s welcome him […]


រៀបឯកសារសរសេរខ្មែរផង អង់គ្លេសផង (Prepare Doc for writing both English/Khmer)

នេះជាបញ្ហាធម្មតា និងដំបូងចំពោះអ្នកមិនធ្លាប់សរសេរឯកសារលើកម្មវិធី Microsoft Word ដែលមានខ្មែរផង អង់គ្លេសផង ប្តូរចុះប្តូរឡើងធ្វើអោយទម្រង់អក្សរមិនស្អាត។ Just a quick tip for those who start to write Khmer document which is mostly mixed with English word, it makes you hard to see the doc messup with different font face and not fast enough to write it. But here easy steps or remind you the ways. […]

Khmer Unicode Reporting

Jasper Report is now Supported Khmer Unicode to Pdf

Thanks for another question on StackOverflow and the answer of user dada67, told us that Jasper added Khmer Unicode supports since version 6.2. I tested now on JasperReport 6.3 library with its existing sample in folder: jasperreports-6.3.0\demo\samples\unicode And now I could see it’s working good enough for Khmer rendering, just still one issue: When we […]


Xiaomi – MIUI 8 – Google Play Store: Authentication is required

Open your Google Play Store and got this annoy message: Authentication is required. You need to sign into your google account or Error while retrieving information from servers. It’s on my Xiaomi phone using MIUI 8 (latest), I frequently got this error, and of course searching the whole Internet just to find a right solution […]


Bypass Excel CSV formula Conversion with Operator signs with Simple Practise

You might try to open a CSV file and got error with some columns with error “#NAME?“, it is because of the excel formula conversion issue when there is an operator sign (+, -) in front of the value of the cell as following example: Some solutions may suggest you to put some few spaces […]