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How to Convert MS Word with Limon Font to Khmer Unicode

First of all, we don’t have a concrete tool to convert directly the MS Word with Limon font to Unicode directly.

The current tool published by KhmerOS is available for text file or Openoffice file only.

So here is my instruction to make it:

1. Convert the Limon MS Word to OpenOffice Format
  • Install OpenOffice:
  • Open MS Word in OpenOffice Program (Right Click on the file and Open with OpenOffice Writer)
  • Save as into OpenOffice file format (extension: .odt)
2. Convert from OpenOffice (Limon) to OpenOffice (Unicode)

After finished, the rest works, you need to correct the style, table, spelling etc.
It will spend more less time than re-type the whole pages.

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This procedure would work but I think we should have a specific converter tool for MS Word. Anyway it seems no exist yet for the tool. Let’s try above solution.


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