Thanks for another question on StackOverflow and the answer of user dada67, told us that Jasper added Khmer Unicode supports since version 6.2.

I tested now on JasperReport 6.3 library with its existing sample in folder:


And now I could see it’s working good enough for Khmer rendering, just still one issue:

When we mix between Khmer text and English text together but the issue is only when it displays on Pdf, with other formats are fine now.

But I believe we still have a workaround to solve that kind of issue that we need to go deep into detail later.

Here is my tested result:

How to setup the testing demo

After you finished building the jasperreport library, you need to make sure that your Apache Ant has already the library of Apache Ivy, if you don’t, just download, extract it and place the ivy jar (e.g. ivy-2.4.0.jar) into Apache Ant “lib” folder.

Type: ant command on “samples/unicode” folder

The rest, just waiting…

What’s Interesting here…

Google Noto font that handle all the Unicode rendering here.