Using Git as using SVN – First time for SVN Users

Now there is still in trouble when I am now need to switch in a big project group to use Git instead of SVN. Before I made a research on Git but it was intended to working alone or with few people on small projects, it won’t get me trouble much. Now it’s different, I […]

Bootstrap 3 – Auto Apply Default Form Control Style

Remember my case? To migrate full application from Bootstrap 2 to Bootstrap 3, there are still many cases to treat such as this one, we need to place CSS class: form-control to every input, textarea and select tag, how about if we have so many files to treat? Let’s go straight, here is a code […]

How to create maven bower grunt angularjs project

I just published an article on Webapp structure with maven, here I would like to add another structure with AngularJS project for my Quickstart series. The first procedure is the same for maven that you need to read the previous article. Install AngularJS Generator npm install -g generator-angular Generate AngularJS Webapp Structure yo angular Next, […]

Tomcat 8 Performance Setting

Tomcat 8 comes with more performance features comparing to previous version, this version, Tomcat is using NIO2 according to Jboss’s blog. You might interesting to read Tomcat 8 overview at this slideshare by SpringIO. The performance setting of tomcat is similar to other previous version of tomcat as I already stated in my previous post […]

SVN could not execute cleanup command – TortoiseSVN

Your repository is locked due to some error during update or something. You made a cleanup command or via GUI of TortoiseSVN and then you always get error as something like: Previous operation has not finished; run 'cleanup' if it was interrupted Please execute the 'Cleanup' command. Then you can’t do anything even update, nor […]

iText can render for Khmer Unicode

I just implement to put the render of Khmer Unicode in iText 5.5.4-SNAPSHOT and try, I could produce the PDF with the right display as following image. iText is a core pdf writer in most of the opensource library for outputting report or rendering text but unfortunately, it’s not working with Khmer Unicode as I […]

TinyMCE – Incorrect function. l.setActive [IE11]

If you meet an error with your TinyMCE as Incorrect function. setActive on IE11, it seemly, you are using one of an old version of TinyMCE in 2013, there are some places already raised the error in their old product such as: That would explain the issue. So, please upgrade your TinyMCE […]

[Khmer Unicode] Google Chrome, Display Box Instead of Character

It has been long time that I though to write this post when my brother faced issue on his Google Chrome could not see the Khmer character (Khmer Unicode) and in fact all other Unicode characters such Chinese or Thai. We first say, it’s because of Khmer Unicode issue on Chrome but in fact, it […]

qTranslate – Khmer Language Settings [WP]

qTranslate, WordPress plugin just stopped getting update and mqTranslate is came to replace the original one but both settings are the same. This one image page could explain you, how to configure our Khmer language to have a multilingual contents in your WordPress website in few minutes. Here is the full list of configuration for […]

How to Convert MS Word with Limon Font to Khmer Unicode

First of all, we don’t have a concrete tool to convert directly the MS Word with Limon font to Unicode directly. The current tool published by KhmerOS is available for text file or Openoffice file only. So here is my instruction to make it: 1. Convert the Limon MS Word to OpenOffice Format Install OpenOffice: […]